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Updated as of: January 24, 2019

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What is Wakie?

Wakie is a welcoming and positive environment where members from around the world can connect and discuss topics that interest them, from the silly to the serious, Wakie is a great place to express yourself and make friends through both voice calls and text. Give it a try by creating a new topic today! Choose the compose (+) icon on your homepage to get it started.

Is Wakie safe?

Wakie is safe to use because no one knows your phone number or other credentials. Wakie is a pseudonymous community where you are free to choose any nickname and profile picture and talk to people from all over the globe. All conversations including chat, personal messaging and phone calls are made in the app. Thus Wakie became a safe space for those who want to chat around and not being afraid of being judged as on other social media apps.

Wakie is marked 13+ because it is a live community where people may violate guidelines. For that reason, hundreds of volunteer moderators monitor content 24/7 and remove everything that is not in accordance with our Community Guidelines.

OK, but is talking to strangers safe?

Talking to people online might be dangerous when you use your own name, address and other personal information. On Wakie you are on the safe side. You create a pseudonym and develop it as a character. That gives you opportunity to be open, honest and not being afraid to talk to people around you. If you get on a call with someone inappropriate, please report them and we will review their profile right away. We methodically ban people who violate our Community Guidelines. That makes possible to have safe community which takes care of itself.

Is Wakie the best app to talk to strangers?

If you want to have a voice conversation with a random person around the topic you have chosen there is hardly a place where you can do it more efficiently, easily and safely, than Wakie. Talking to people is hard but we make everything we can to build a seamless experience for every community member.

How to make friends on Wakie?

Wakie is full of members eager to interact and make friends. 55% of older Wakie members say they found one or several real friends here. When you open up and express your true self you click with someone who feels exactly the same and that is a great foundation to start a great friendship.

Find friends quickly by browsing your feed and posting comments on topics that interest you or by creating a topic of your own. Once you come across other members who appeal to you, you can visit their profile and choose "send message" to initiate a private message. Please note that private messages are more positively received when you've already shared a thoughtful comment on a member public post or come across topics of theirs that you share an interest in and include in your message.

How do I talk to people from certain countries only?

Sometimes you create topics such as those around travel that you'd like targeted to receive responses from members living in certain countries. You can restrict those who see your topics based on the country they live in by visiting your privacy settings. To access your privacy settings visit your profile by clicking on the icon on the far right of your footer navigation, then choose the settings icon on the top right hand corner (on Android) or top left (on iOS). From here you'll find "privacy settings".

What should I do if I'm having a hard time figuring out what to write or say?

It happens to us all, writers block. If you're having trouble coming up with a topic consider commenting on the topics your peers have shared instead or choose a topic from our list of most popular topics. Click on the compose icon located on your home screen and then choose from our prepopulated list. Some favorites include: Help me choose a movie or TV show to watch or I want to sing a song to someone.

Is it possible to use Wakie on PC?

For now we don't have PC version and don't allow to run Wakie on emulators and simulators. You might get permanently banned for using emulators.

Where can I find the social alarm clock feature?

Click on the compose icon located on your home screen and you will see a list of pre-populated topics, the first one on the list being "Ask for a wake-up call". Note: alarm feature is available only for languages with big number of members. If you don't see this feature - please try to set other language on 'New Topic' screen.

How Do I Make a Random Voice Call?

To place a call and connect with a another member click the compose (+) icon on the top right corner of your home screen (on iOS) or the bottom right (on Android) and begin sharing a topic you care about. [Hint: topics are best when in the form of a question]. Once you create your topic, Wakie will pair you with a conversation partner who shares an interest in your topic. If you don't get an answer right away, don't be discouraged -- as the Wakie community grows there will be more conversations partners available at any given moment.

How Do I Become a Wakie Moderator?

Mods are regular members of the Wakie community who are active on the app and passionate about seeing Wakie thrive by welcoming a new member, reporting inappropriate behavior and a variety of other tasks. If this describes you and you'd like to become a mod, please read through our Community Guidelines and Moderator Rules. Then apply here.

Can I get my personal data from Wakie?

Of course you can. You can do this by contacting support with a request to make it happen. However, security related to a personal information is one of our top priorities and the support team will provide you with a personal data of your account only. Sharing personal data of other users is strictly prohibited.

How to delete my Wakie account?

Please note that when you delete your account you lose all your topics, comments and personal messages which we know you've invested much time and energy in. Since many members regret for this decision when they rejoin Wakie and must rebuild their account and activity, we encourage members to take some time to reconsider deleting and possibly take a break from the app instead. Deleted account can not be restored.

But if you finally decide to delete your account, please open your Profile -> Settings -> Profile Settings -> and the last button on this screen is "Delete Account".

Who are the founders of Wakie?

Wakie is founded by 2 brothers: Hrachik Adjamian and Tat Ajamyan (who is also the co-founder of SleepDoctor).
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