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What is Wakie?

Wakie is a place to have friendly conversations with people from all over the world.

Wondering how the weather is in Argentina? Ask someone who’s there.

Need advice, but rather not ask your friends? Talk to someone who can offer insight.

Books, news, cooking, parenting, business, love, and any other life issue you can think of—

On Wakie, you can find someone to talk about it within seconds.

How it works?

Wakie is free, anonymous, and connects you with people 24/7.

Just post a topic, and jump on a phone call or have an online discussion.

No phone numbers or personal info is exchanged.

Phone calls last 20 minutes max.

Start a conversation now!

INSTALL the app and see what the Wakie community is about!

Totally free!
2 million people!
80 countries!
  • “  Wakie is designed to make waking up easier, or at least more interesting.  ”
  • “  Wakie is quite fun. Sounds creepy, but the community seems friendly.  ”

    The Guardian
    The Guardian
  • “  Before coming to the states, Wakie cultivated a strong international following.  ”

  • “  A fun idea which may just go viral.  ”

  • “  The most enjoyable startup.  ”

  • “  After the quick chat, I was more awake than I ever was.  ”

Users about Wakie
  • The call section here is fabulous at times, everytime i have a 20 min convo with a stranger changes my damn perspective! There are creative writers, skilled orators, incredible movie maniacs, the music lovers, best ever negotiators and many more!
  • Wakie is a place were you can talk about whatever thats on your mind. If you feel sad wakie people will make you happy and etc. It is a community that never sleeps. I never feel alone anymore and it's a great feeling.
    🗡Johanna The Viking🗡
  • Wakie is an amazing place where you can interact with people all over the world. Wakie has made me want to travel the world and experience a whole new side of life and culture.
    Arie #kewK
  • At the first instance I was afraid to talk to the girls from distant nations / countries. Well wakie gave me that adrenaline of self confidence to me and I discovered soon enough that man I had a good voice and an accent!
  • Sometimes, it's easier to talk about certain things that bother you, with strangers than your closest friends. And wakie has some of the kindest strangers you'll ever meet.
  • Someone I met on here even started a anti-suicide cyber squad which I am a part of here, to help as many people who may really be going through some tough time. So I would say Wakie has been the platform that has let me meet amazing, kind hearted, hilarious and caring people.
  • Everyone will find what they're looking for here - languages, stories, friends or just memes. And yh, there is a legend over here that some special ones have chance to find their love😳💕
  • "Wakie is much more than just a socializing app or an alarm. It's the place where i met the most awesomestest of people."
  • Wakie Give Me Reason To Smile ,it Just Motivate Me To Leave My Dark Room And Spend Time With Real People Instead Of My Ugly Thoughts, And yeah For Sure People Here Helped Me alot
  • wakie is freetime app.. wakie is addiction.. wakie is several languages.. wakie is kind people.. wakie is hearing different accents.. wakie is open-minded people.. wakie is online family.. wakie is LOVE. 💘
  • Wakie is this app that let me know we are finally the same around the world not because we are all human but because we share the same weaknesses same fear. The same joke make us laugh and the same humiliation annoy us.
    Tyrion 🛡️
  • I couldn't think of a cooler place for me to share my laughs, tears, frustrations, smiles and rediculous stories with. When I feel like nobody cares, someone somewhere make a point to show that they do. I love knowing that I always have someone here, with me, when I need someone.
    Kaur 🎀
  • Wakie is an app that helps me a lot when I feel lonely and depressed, I made a lot of friends here, some of them I will never see in "real life", even though they mean a lot to me, more then some people who I see everyday. And the best thing about Wakie that no matter what time you come here, you will always find someone to talk to. 😊
    Nancy Mulligan
  • Through Wakie I found out what real unconditional love is like, how to fall in love with someone's inside and not just the outside.
    SomeFunnyKid :)
  • Idk any other social networking app where you can talk to people all over the world based on a topic and then get to be friends with them. The positivity here is overwhelming and the people here are nice.
  • Wakie for me is the coolest app that I ever got. I would never meet someone from Tunisia or from Morocco if it weren't because of Wakie. It's a great app to just post all the thoughts in your head be good or bad.
    Michigan Remington
  • Wakie is life away from reality. In this world we have good people and bad people, just like in real world. Wakie is where all of us come to get rid of our frustration from real life. You have good friends in real life and just like that you can make good friends on here.
    Harsh 👑BEER > GIRLS
  • Wakie is what i joined initially out of curiosity. But ended up making great friends at. It's an application which boosted my confidence. Made me talking to people from all around the world. And helped me make enough friends that, i can go to any part of the world and annoy someone xD.
    Kimmy Jong Un™ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ! ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
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